An Evening In

There is nothing like a good, at home pampering session to start off the week.  These days, in a world where we are constantly bombarded with technology and over stimulation, it can be really easy to forget about self-care in favour of parking ourselves in front of a TV or computer screen.  I know, I know, the self-righteous blogger writing about the perils of technology, but hear me out.  I am probably one of the laziest humans I know.  I love nothing more than to come home from work, change into comfy clothes and set myself up for a good ol’ Netflix binge.  It’s really easy to fall into that routine too, but every once in a while I remind myself that there are other things I could be doing to have a nice relaxing evening at home.


Last night I decided to switch up the usual routine for nights when I don’t have any commitments and give myself a little pampering.


The best way to start a pamper session? With a nice relaxing bubble bath of course! I filled up my tub, lit some candles and popped in a LUSH bath bomb with some lavender bubble bath.  I dimmed the lights, put on some chill music and just soaked for a little while.

Something about a warm bath loosens up sore muscles, relieves stress and sets you up for a wonderful sleep. Remember when you were a kid and your parents always made you have bath time before bed?  I am convinced that this is why.  I always feel sleepy after a warm bath.


Look how pretty it is!

I even painted my nails and did a sheet mask, not pictured because those things are frightening!

Taking time for yourself is important.  It gives you the opportunity to check in with your body, see what you need to stay happy and healthy.  I didn’t realize how much I needed a little me time until I actually set aside the evening to do it and I feel better already!  Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Until next time!




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