Theatre Weekend Shenanigans

I discovered my passion for musical theatre fairly late in life.  I had always loved singing.  In fact, one of my earliest memories is of me singing “opera” to my aunt on the steps leading down to my grandparent’s basement, but it wasn’t until a particularly awful breakup that I ever considered the possibility of performing on stage in a musical.

My heart was broken, and according to all of the magazines, books, and articles I read, the best way to get over a broken heart was to invest time in yourself.  Find an activity to keep your mind off of the breakup.  Originally I thought I would go back to my choir roots and audition for a local choir, but the timing was off.  Most choirs had already held their auditions and wouldn’t be auditioning until the following season.  That’s when I spotted a notice for auditions for a musical theatre company and I thought, why not?

I auditioned, was cast in my first musical and haven’t looked back since.  I have met some of my very best friends through theatre, and have developed as an artist and performer.

Anyway, the reason for that long winded introduction was really just to segue in to the super fun theatre related activities I did this weekend.

My latest show opens in 2 weeks, and the cast is jumping in to overdrive with rehearsals and preparations for the show.

It all started on Thursday when I was recruited to help paint sets for another company’s production.  With community theatre, you often rely on volunteers to get the work done, which is actually really nice, because it gives you the opportunity to see all aspects of putting a show together, from casting, rehearsals, to set design.

Priming flats for the set design in the workshop

Friday night meant a run through of the show at rehearsal.  Like any form of art, the more you practice, the better you get, and with theatre, it provides you with more opportunities to develop the character (or characters) you want to portray on the stage.

Waiting in the green room for our turn to go on stage.

Saturday was our second orchestra rehearsal, or sitzprobe.  Basically it’s the orchestra’s opportunity to run through the score with the cast.  It can be time consuming, but it’s pretty awesome to hear everything you’ve been working on come together.  Music is so powerful. One of the reasons why I love musical theatre so much is that it uses music to tell a story.  This particular show isn’t much of an ensemble show, it means a lot of sitting around and waiting.  I like to bring a quiet activity, like knitting to pass the time.

Sunday was the costume parade followed by another run through. It’s always so much fun to actually see things come together before a show, and costumes add another layer to the process.  You spend hours working through scenes and songs, becoming this other person for a moment, but when you step in to their clothes, it is magic.

After rehearsal, I went home and made some meals for the week ahead.  It’s a habit I’ve always wanted to get in to, but my Sundays tend to be pretty busy with rehearsals, so it hasn’t been something I have been particularly good at.  Because the show does open in a few weeks, I won’t have any time at home in the evenings for a proper meal. Meal prep is definitely necessary for that reason alone!


How were all of your weekends?  Do anything fun?  Let me know in the comments below!


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