All That Glitters

I have a slight obsession with glitter.  If something sparkles, it is pretty much a given that I will be drawn to it.  If I could sparkle all day, every day, I would.  Now, I realize that there is a fine line between classy and tacky when it comes to all things glittery, especially when it comes to adding glitter to your home decor.  I like to think that I have achieved a happy medium when it comes to the glitter accents I have in my space.  Here are a few ways that I have incorporated glitter into my home.

Dining Room

I’ll start here, because I believe this is where my glitter obsession might be teetering the tacky line.  I have gold glitter place mats, set with gold glitter dishes.  I never eat at my dining room table unless I have company, but I leave this out all the time, because I like how it looks.  I also have a crystal chandelier and gold accented abstract painting.  Clearly, I like gold just as much as I like glitter.

Living Room

The thing I love about the glitter accents in my living room is that they are understated yet obvious.  I have my glitter serving tray on my coffee table, with glitter coasters, and glitter pillows.  I believe the pièce de resistance is the lamp though.  It’s twin is in my bedroom.  When I found these bad boys, I knew I needed to have them.  It wasn’t even a question.  It was almost like they magically appeared in my shopping cart begging me to take them home.


The fireplace mantle is always something I look to improve on.  Right now it is adorned with glittery fairy lights and candles, but that can change pretty frequently.

Well there you have it!  Those are my glitter accents.  What is something that you like to use in your home decor?  Are you as obsessed with glitter as I am?  Let me know in the comments!


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